Shipments to Republic of Ireland

Following the U.K exit from the E.U, the shipment of goods to the Republic of Ireland from Paperline are now subject to completion of the below forms. The simple steps below are required and only need to be undertaken once in order to ensure smooth delivery.

1. Complete Forms

The forms below once completed give authorisation per company for exports, imports, postponing VAT and using deferment accounts and only need to be completed once and not for each order.

Our accounts team will forward you the forms upon placing your order or you can download them below:

2. Return Forms to Transland

Our partner Transland Dublin are unable to clear consignments if you, the importer into Ireland, has not given them authorisation to do so by completing the Direct Representation Form IE

Transland also need to know the means by which you wish to process the VAT payments (and any duty that is applicable). You may have an Irish Revenue deferment account, or be using Postponed VAT accounting or wish to pay on import.
If you have a deferment account (TAN), you should indicate the number on the first form but you must also complete a copy of AEP5a. This document must be sent to Irish Revenue, notifying them that you are authorising Transland (among other Customs Agents) to use your deferred account to pay VAT (and Duty if applicable) on your behalf. Transland requires a copy of this document as evidence of this authorisation. This is the most important form to be completed by you, as it starts the Customs Clearance process on the ROI side. 

A copy of the forms above need to be emailed to and
The Irish Government launched a new scheme on 1st January 2021 which provides ROI companies with an alternative method of VAT payment through their own VAT returns called Postponed VAT Accounting (PVA). Transland must be authorised by you to utilise PVA on their behalf. If required send your completed forms to and

3. Return a copy of the forms to Paperline

Once your completed forms have been sent to Transland, please email a copy to This will allow us to get your order ready for dispatch following confirmation from Transland that everything is in order.

If you have any questions please contact or call us on +44 (0)117 946 1950.

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